'The best date in town'
Irish Theatre Magazine



Tick My Box!
Blind Date meets Blue Velvet.

Devised and written by Inis Theatre:
Iseult Golden, Carmel Stephens and David Horan.

Following a rapturous response, nominations and awards* at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2004, Tick My Box! has two national tours under its belt and is now set for world domination. The show is fast, hilariously funny and has proven a sure-fire winner.

How do you get to meet that really special someone in the fast and impersonal modern-day world?… Welcome to Speed Dating; the three-minute mating game for the curious, the desperate and the deranged.

Birds do it, bees do it, even scary psychopaths do it…

Tick My Box! follows the adventures and misadventures of a room of hopeful singletons; some get on, some get drunk, some get lucky…one gets stalked!

An unflinching look at the dark side of love.

Iseult Golden and Carmel Stephens play a mesmerizing number of characters under the deft direction of David Horan.

* • Best Actress(es) Award
• Nomination for the Jane Snowe Award for Courage in Artistic Endeavour



'The best date in town'
Irish Theatre Magazine

'This brilliantly executed show is a small miracle'
The Herald

'Physical and emotional precision…smart writing cuts to the humanity of each scene…bitterly funny…and a teasingly queer subtext; we are never allowed to forget that these heterosexual encounters are being played out by two women'
The Guardian

'It is rare that one gets to see so many moving and funny stories, crammed together into such a neat package'
The Irish Times


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